Only Thing Constant is Change

February 23rd, 2010 by Daniel Rosenberg

Today I am trying to write a business plan for as we enter the world of website design.

Over two years ago my father told me that he had figure out how to get his website found by Google, and I had no idea what it meant.  Than a family friend asked him if he could apply this knowledge to get his cousins website found.  Despite being an expert in Search Engine Optimization my father did not realize it was a field.

After working together for 4 months, he taught me the field and together we created Help Get Your Website Found. com.  We went from believing that we could just sell basic SEO packages to any customer and the customer would instantly be found by the search engines and everyone would be happy.

After several variations of how to market and sell our services we have decided that we are going to be selling the website equivalent of Cadillacs which are ideal for any small business owner.

My father has over 25 years of direct marketing experience and I am getting a degree in marketing and we understand how to make an attractive, effective, and lead building website. I am going through the past e-mails from my father for ideas about how to write the business model and it is in many ways like going through old yearbooks and being amazed about how much I have changed and how much I have learned.

We see gradual changes on a day to day basis, but going back to the e-mails from even a few months ago this is a completely different business and through all of our changes we have continued to move forward to where we are selling premium Cadillacs.

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