Kosher Laws & Mailing Regulations

February 10th, 2012 by Steven Jay Rosenberg

There are two things I deal with every day — kosher laws and mailing regulations.

Neither one makes sense to the average person.

I am now dealing with a mailing my rabbi gave me of 3,000+ pieces that is being rejected by the Post Office because a test of 30 pieces showed that some of the cards were between .0004 and .0001 too thin.

I don’t think I am making a mistake with the decimal points. How a hand-held instrument in the hands of a simple clerk at the Bulk Mail Center in Raleigh can make those type of  precise measurements is beyond me.

Paper has to be a minimum of .009 thick. The rabbi used a copy center that does not know postal regulations. They used 80# gloss cover, which is right on the border. I never use less than 100# gloss cover because I don’t want to be so close. (I took a sample to a large printer and it measured at .009, so it is within specs.)

So, the rabbi brings me the postcards to address, which I do….and they are being rejected by a clerk with a micrometer that I don’t know is accurately calibrated. Those are mighty small measurements for a simple device.

But when I ask to see them to actually run the postcards on the testing machine and show me they are too thin, all of the sudden excuses are being found not to actually prove to me that the mailing won’t go through. Security. It’s been done. Sorry, you are out of luck.

The post office wants the rabbi to reprint the pieces at a cost of over $300, plus have me address the mail, do the paperwork and take it to the post office….all for free.

No wonder nobody wants to mail! Why can’t the clerks be supportive of the mailers who are their clients?Maybe the Rabbi will decide not to mail again– why go through the hassle?

Kosher laws are also incredibly complex. How something is determined to be kosher or not kosher (traife) takes years of study of both Jewish texts and chemical additives. It’s beyond the lay person to know with any certainty what is good or bad.

I assume a single drop of lard can destroy a whole vat of chicken soup. Makes no sense to me, but man did not write the rules.

Man did write the Domestic Mail Manual. I have given a sample of the pieces to a district office above the Raleigh BMEU level in the hope that I will get an exception….even though I don’t think I need an exception because the mail is good in the first place.

I tell clients and prospects there is a reason for the expression “Go Postal” and it’s my job security. Nobody in their right mind would get into this business!

So if you are reading this blog post and want to do a mailing, call me at 919-848-4332 and let me do it right from the beginning. Don’t trust printers to know the postal regulations.

And if you have a question of about what foods are kosher and what are not, call the rabbi and get his opinion — not mine!

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