Going the extra mile

January 25th, 2010 by Steven Jay Rosenberg

I had two rush, time sensitive projects last week. One for Oasis Eyecare and another for Sir Walter Chevrolet.

Both were letters that needed to be inserted in an envelope.

Unfortunately, our inserting machine was not working in top form. Tracy from The Alternative says the solenoid needs to be replaced. Not quite sure what a solenoid is, but it became apparent that we could not get our inserting machine to consistently work enough to handle the mailings we needed to get out. What to do?

We asked two other mailing houses, but they couldn’t do it. One mailing house had trouble with their inserter and were waiting for a repair man!

So, we called up our vendor, The Alternative. They allowed us to come down to their store and insert the letters with their machine.

We loaded up both cars and drove down to Garner, about 45 minutes from here. Working all day, we got the job done. (Although we did not have time to get the last batch to the Post Office on time).

We have used The Alternative for all our mailing equipment since we first started in business. They have always provided great service. They have been friendly, courteous — and prompt. However, letting us use their machine was a going the extra mile.

The owner, Nancy Jones,  and her staff helped us get the mail out under stressful (for us) conditions.

We have been in business for over¬† since we don’t make excuses to our clients. We said the mail would go out — and it did! We have learned over the years who we can trust since we rely on other vendors to help us get our work out. Thank you, Nancy, Tracy & Kevin!

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