Time as a Factor in the Pricing of Direct Mail Marketing, Graphic Design & Printing

January 1st, 2012 by Steven Jay Rosenberg

Nobody can beat MarketPlace-Solutions.com’s¬†low overhead and pricing for direct mail marketing, graphic design and printing.

But we have to have minimums. It’s all about time.

At the end of the day, all a small business has to sell is time and expertise. And it has to sell enough time & expertise to pay the bills and hopefully generate a profit.

Graphic design takes time. It really doesn’t make any difference if the design is for one customized piece or a million postcards. We have high standards — and it takes the same amount of time to produce something we are proud of and will work for our clients.

For printing, the biggest cost is set up. Most of our jobs are done a color press. It takes time to set up the plates and adjust the machinery before you can even produce one copy. Once the printing press starts operating, the only difference is paper and a few extra minutes. That’s why it costs a lot less on a per piece basis to do 10,000 postcards than it does to 500 postcards.

Mailing services are the same. It takes time to process the list, set up the machine, organize the trays and run the job. And that’s before we even take it to the post office. It often takes less time to run 10,000 pieces than 200 because of the machine.

Usually the sweet spot if we are doing design, print & mail is about 5,000 postcards. A complete campaign is several thousand dollars.

If a client designs the piece, we can do the printing as cheap as anyone — with outstanding quality. Mailing prices are set with a minimum and then on a per piece basis.

Our clients value their time — and appreciate our services. We handle it all from start to finish. If you want to know how MarketPlace-Solutions.com can help your business grow, give us a call at 919-848-4332.

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