Get More Reviews on Google+

Stand Out on the Search Engines Results Page

At Marketplace-Solutions we create a pdf document for you to generate more customer reviews on Google+. Although Google+ may not be as big as the other social network platforms it is the only one the has a direct impact on the Search Engine Results Page.

When a user uses Google to search for a service such as "tree care," "dentist," "veterinarian" a map appears of all the local businesses that are close to the user's location. Directly underneath the business listing appears their rating based on the reviews they have received on 

Advantages of more reviews on Google+:

  • Rankings appear on the search engine results page
  • Instant credibility with prospects
  • Strengthen relationship with current customers

As part of our package we will create a document for you to send out to satisfied clients in order to increase your ratings and number of reviews. Think about it for yourself, would you rather go see a dentists that has 15 glowing reviews over the last 6 months or a dentist that has no reviews? 

Also there is no cost associated with having a prospect find you through Google maps. This allows you to pick up more business without having to pay anything extra.

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