Continue to Target Your Top Prospects

Stay in Front of Prospects Who
Visited Your Website with Remarketing

One of the biggest challenges in internet marketing is getting your prospects to your website. For most industries the first time a prospect visits your website is before they are prepared to make their purchasing decision. With remarketing campaigns we can target past website visitors when they are viewing other websites and even when they are on their own personal Facebook page.

Advantages of remarketing include:

  • Branding for prospects that have already visited your website
  • Engage prospects more effectively and increase your conversion rate
  • Lower CPC (Cost Per Click) than targeting viewers through the search engines
  • Attract previous visitors with new offers

Each and every internet marketing campaign needs to be treated on an individual basis. My name is Daniel Rosenberg and as your dedicated account manager I work to produce the highest number of leads possible. By understanding your visitor behavior and website analytics I work to maximize your ROI. 

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