Understanding Visitor Behavior 

Maximize Results by Tracking Analytics 

In order to identify the most cost-effective method to generate new leads we use website analytics and call tracking numbers. We give data to show the exact number of leads that are being generated through each traffic source of your internet marketing campaign.

At Marketplace-Solutions.com we monitor your results with:

  • Call tracking and recording
  • Website analytics
  • Search analytics report
  • HTML improvements
  • Monthly consultation

During your monthly consultation you speak directly with a certified expert in Google Analytics. Together you can talk about different strategies and techniques that you can use to improve the effectiveness of your website based on visitor history. PPC management is like hitting a moving target and it takes constant tweaking and updates in order to make your online presence an effective salesperson.

We also include a search queries website report which shows keyword terms that your website has appeared on in the Google organic search results. This information is invaluable in understanding the terms that your prospects are using and the progress of your organic search engine optimization. It can also give us insight into what pages to edit or reword in order to increase the number of qualified leads.

In order to have a successful Pay Per Click campaign you need to have someone that constantly monitors your visitor behavior. Would you like to precisely target a specific county? What about marketing towards people on desktops as opposed to smartphones? What about debating the ROI for Bing vs Google? This is the expertise that we provide.

Call us today at Marketplace-Solutions.com and get $500 off your first month.