Postcard Direct Mail Marketing

Effective direct mail marketing has three goals when the mailer hits a prospect's mailbox:

  • To be opened
  • To be read
  • To get the order

Direct mail postcards achieve the first two goals automatically.

We know the fundamentals of direct mail marketing to make your direct mail campaign profitable

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List, offer, timing, creative execution

Direct mail marketing comes down to four fundamentals -- list, offer, timing and creative execution. 

The most important part of a direct mail campaign is the list. It accounts for about 40% of the success of your campaign,  You can have the best creative and a great offer, but you still would not sell many  lawnmowers in Manhattan. We have the expertise to find you the best possible mailing list for your project. 

Offer is also critical. What incentive can you make to entice a prospect to buy your product or service? There are countless ways to make an offer and we have seen many in our years of operation.

Timing is important to some business and not others. You can't sell Christmas trees in July. On the other hand, other offerings are viable throughout the year. 

Creative makes your postcard stand out in the "mail moment." That's the 3 seconds when your prospect takes the mail out of the mailbox and decides what to keep and what to discard. Our design colorful postcards  uses compelling headlines and a call for action.