Don't Go Postal! Mailing Rules Have You Confused?

Failure to meet postal regulations wastes money

Call us before you call the local Post Office. With 25+ years experience dealing with the Post Office, we have the answers to most of your bulk or first class mailing questions. And we answer them in simple English!

Before printing:
  • Make sure your design allows a 2" x 4" white space to put in an address complete with barcode. Put our indicia (mail permit) on the mailer.
  • Make sure the piece meets postal regulations for size and aspect ratio. Postal regulations can be confusing and vary according to classification.
  • LET US REVIEW THE PIECE BEFORE PRINTING! This is a free, no obligation service.
Before mailing:

Give us the mailing list in Excel, ASCII delimited or Base format. Make sure that the address line (number and street name) is separate from the City, State & ZIP line

Postage must be paid prior to mailing with a check made out to "Postmaster." We do not mark up postage.

After mailing:
  • We will send you an electronic postage statement verifying the mailing.
  • See your business increase because of your cost-effective direct mail marketing campaign!

Contact us at 919-848-4332 or to get your mailing piece delivered to your target audience. We offer both first class and bulk mail service.