FAQs About Direct Mail Marketing

What does direct mail cost?

You should be prepared to invest at least $2,000 in order to do a direct mail campaign for your business. The total cost depends on a number of variables. For example, if you need to purchase a list, this can increase the price of your campaign. Also, factors like the size of your audience, demographic factors, and type of mailer can all affect the cost. See our "Budgeting for a Direct Mail Postcard Campaign" to see if direct mail will work for your business. 

Can you get me a discount on postage?

Yes—we know postal regulations because that’s our business. The level of discount that you are able to get depends on a lot of different things. Postal regulations are like the U.S. tax code; don’t even bother trying to figure it out. But we will make sure that you get the best possible postage rate available.

How soon can you get my mailer out?

If needed, we can get a mailer out in 2-3 days. However, we prefer to work with a lead time of 2 weeks as this allows us to plan our workflows more effectively. Please be advised that rush fees may apply for last-minute mailings.

Does direct mail still work?

Yes—better than ever. Some business owners will say that direct mail "doesn't work," but this is usually due to poor strategy (or no strategy at all). A 6" x9"  postcard is a great way to get someone’s attention because it can’t get trapped in a spam filter—but it has to be well-designed. There are four factors that determine the success of a mailing: the list, offer, timing, and creative execution (in that order). In other words, you need to mail out to the right list with the right offer at the right time -- and the offer must be presented in a way that is clear and compelling. We can help you do mailing right.

What kind of response rate can I expect?

A better question to ask: “What response rate do I need?” You should be able to break even with a 0.5% response rate. In other words, don’t count on a 2% response rate just to make back your money. Response rates can vary, of course, and there are no guarantees. However, we will work with you to design a postcard campaign that gets the best possible response from the market.


How do I know if direct mail makes sense for my business?

Direct mail is best suited for businesses who want to quickly reach a lot of people in a specific demographic. For example, if you know the average household income level of your customer base and want to reach people in that range within a 5-mile radius of your business, there is no better way to accomplish that than direct mail. Direct mail is more effective for marketing than it is for sales. In other words, direct mail will get customers into the store, but it’s up to you to get them to buy once they show up.

Direct mail requires strategy—which is why you need to work with professionals. We can handle everything including design and printing, and we can help you make sure that you are using direct mail in a way that works.

Why are postcards more expensive than putting a coupon in a bundled mailer?

Postcards work; coupon mailers don’t. Yes, it’s cheap to get your coupon into a mailer, but the majority of your coupons will end up in trash cans without being seen by anyone. A 6x9 postcard, effectively designed, can grab someone’s attention quickly—and it does not have to be opened. Few people are willing to take the time to sort through an envelope full of coupons. When was the last time you did that?