40% of Direct Mail Success Comes from Using the Right List

An effective direct mail campaign starts with a mailing list. In fact, a list is responsible for at least 40% of the success of a direct mail campaign. You can have copy written by Shakespeare, art by Van Gogh -- but you will still not sell tractors in Manhattan. 

Mailing lists are not perfect. While we sell the best of what’s available, it is very difficult to keep track of 200 million consumers and 22 millions businesses.  All of our lists are updated  with National Change of Address prior to mailing. 

3 types of lists: Consumer, Occupant & B-to-B

We start by identifying your best prospects to select  the mailing list you need to meet your objectives. We can obtain a list for any ZIP code in the country! 

Our consumer lists contains nearly 200 million names with demographic information such as age, income, children and much more. 

Occupant Lists -- also known as carrier route lists -- reach everyone in a neighborhood. You can saturate a neighborhood and get the lowest postage rates. Occupant lists are list generated by the Post Office and give the routes in exactly the way the postal carrier delivers the mail. These lists contain important demographic information. You can also separate the list by homes, apartments, businesses and trailers! We can select lists by carrier routes, a radius of your store, or by quantity.

Business-to-Business lists can be selected by size of company, SIC codes, number of employees. Phone numbers and names of the top executives in addition to annual sales are also available.

We can also use your "house" list -- the names of customers who have done business with you in the past. 

Contact us at 919-848-4332 or info@marketplace-solutions.com for a free count of prospects for your mailing campaign.