Nonprofits Get Lower Postage Rate To Stay in Touch With Members

Nonprofits' postage rate about 1/2 of normal bulk mail

Nonprofit mailers receive significant postage savings over standard bulk mail. Nonprofit status is given to churches, synagogues and other civic organizations.

Getting a non profit authorization requires extensive documentation. Approval times is about a weeks. We will help guide you through the process.

No need to buy a bulk mail permit

CUI Nonproft Direct MailHaving nonprofit authorization allows the organization to mail at the special rates. However, the organization does not to buy a permit. Instead, they can use our permit free of charge.

We handle nonprofit clients from around the country. As long as your organization has the nonprofit paperwork, we can obtain a ghost permit for the Raleigh, NC post office.

Contact us at 919-848-4332 or for more information on how we can save your association money on your next mailing.