Direct Mail Is Not a "Do-It-Yourself" Project

Direct mail is still the cheapest way to put something tangible in a prospect's  hand. However, a direct mail marketing campaign is not a "do-it-yourself" project.

Postage can often be the single biggest expense in your direct mailing campaign. Bulk mail, also known as "Standard Presort," is the low cost way to do a mass mailing.

However, the mail must be prepared according to stringent and indecipherable Post Office regulations. Preparing a bulk mailing requires expensive software and specialized equipment. 

Don't Go Postal, Call Us!

The best way to do a direct mailing project is to call the experts at! Give us your list and your mailing piece -- and it's in the mail stream, usually within 24 hours

There is no way you can do a mailing cheaper than we can -- and that does not even include your precious time.

It's important to contact us even before you start the designing your mailer. Make sure to follow our checklist to avoid problems with your mailing. 

Free use of our bulk mail permit

Save over $400 by using our bulk mail stamp (indicia) for free. If you are a registered nonprofit, we can help you get the lower postage rates without the cost of obtaining your own permit.

Failure to meet any one of thousands of post office regulations can result in much higher costs. If you don't want to "Go Postal" with all the rules and regulations, contact us at 919-848-4332 or