Targeted Mailing Lists

A direct mail marketing campaign begins with a mailing list.

You can have copy written by Shakespeare and art by Van Gogh, but you still won't sell lawnmowers in Manhattan. takes pride in finding the best available mailing lists for our clients. Although there are many places to buy a mailing list, there are actually very few source for the list.

We use only the top sources for our clients direct mail projects. We get our lists from a wholesale company that offers nearly 200 million individuals with demographic and psychographic information as well as buying behaviors.

Flexibility – We give you options and provide you with list counts than can be manipulated for your budget.

Quality – Don’t settle for lower cost, lower quality data. You’ll find better lists means better results. We can guarantee -- and even prove!! -- almost 100% deliverability through the post office system. We can show you when your mail is being delivered and how it is being processed.

Freshness – One thing that sets us apart from the competition is that we always use the latest sources. We double check the lists we receive through National Change of Address to make our mailing lists the best possible.

Choose the criteria you want

There are an infinite amount of choices for your mailing list. For instance, we can select by:

  • Geography -- ZIP code, distance from your location, county, etc.
  • Income & house value
  • Age, marital status, children, ages of children

Call us at 919-848-4332 to discuss your direct mail project. We will be glad to provide you with free list counts to start your campaign.