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Is Pay Per Click Even Worth It?

Here are the four questions you need to ask yourself before you even THINK about giving Google your credit card. Most businesses can get more customers by having a strong presence on Google. However, getting more customers and still making a profit are too very different topics. If you answer yes to all of these questions than Pay Per Click marketing can be an effective tool for your company.

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5 Quick Questions When Choosing a Pay Per Click Agency

Selecting the right company to manage your Pay Per Click campaign is a lot like buying a new car. You have to do extensive research, and ask the right questions, to make sure that you buy the best car for your needs and budget. Here are five questions you should ask when selecting your PPC agency to make sure you end up with a Ferrari.

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Learning SEO From the Master: Matthew Capala

This past week I was one of 2,000 people that attended the Internet Marketing Summit located in the Raleigh Convention Center. One of the many highlights for me was hearing Matthew Capala of Search Decoder teach a four hour class titled "Advanced Search & SEO strategies. I took close to 8 pages worth of notes about the latest strategies and ideas to improve my website's performance for SEO. The strategies that he introduced could be used by companies ranging from a one-man operation to a Fortune 10 company.

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How Contractors Can Profit By Understanding the Weather

For contractors, roofers and landscapers demand for their services fluctuates greatly based on Mother Nature. After a forecast of severe weather, homeowners quickly become worried about the safety of their home. If the storm caused damage homeowners are eager to find the nearest contractor that can come to the rescue.

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Lightning Response Marketing from

A number of industries see a tremendous spike in their business when bad weather strikes. The average homeowner suddenly becomes a hot prospect before, during and immediately after a natural disaster because of damage or potential damage to their property. This brief window of opportunity is precisely when contractors such as roofers, home improvement services, tree removing services, HVAC contractors and more need their marketing presence to be clear, concise and -- most importantly -- visible.

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Google Display Network Is Not Our Friend

Recently I set up a Google Display Network for Internet Marketing. I decided to use display keywords and figure that Google would post my banner ads on websites that are about internet marketing. This plan was brilliant. The first day I got about 30 clicks for $.50 each. Even though I did not receive any conversions I figured that it was just bad luck and it was time to make an adjustment to the landing page.

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Even Google Does Direct Mail!

Combing Internet Marketing With Direct Mail To See Results has been doing direct mail marketing long before there was an internet. We realize the world has changed but the basic philosophies of marketing will always be the same: list, offer, timing and creative execution.

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