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Are you bidding only on relevant keywords?

Which keywords have the best performance for you? Are you maximizing the number of clicks and conversions you can get from this specific keyword?

How do you perform on desktop, smartphones and tablet?

What geographies are you targeting? Are they all relevant?

How are your ads performing? Are they helping you bring in more relevant traffic?

Do you have a good landing page? Is it helping or hurting you bring in more leads?

What can we learn from your competitors and how can we apply it to your PPC strategy?


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My job is to help you succeed and grow your business. As part of my PPC services I provide:

Lead Generation

I generate qualified leads through pay per click . My mission is to get as many leads as possible within your budget!

Full Transparency

I provide you with weekly updates about your market performance so you stay informed throughout the whole process.

Dedicated Account Manager

I am your sole contact for all your digital marketing needs. My clients know they can count on him to be reliable, friendly and responsive. About Us is a family-owned marketing agency that specializes in Pay Per Click management and direct mail marketing. We have been in business over 30 years by consistently delivering results to our clients. We are an official Google Partner.

Daniel Rosenberg Co-Owner of

Daniel is a Google Ads expert with over 10 years of experience.

Daniel Rosenberg

Daniel graduated from IDC Herzliya with a BA in Marketing and has worked in Search Engine Marketing since 2010. He has managed Pay Per Click campaigns of over $10 million dollars in several industries including SaaS, B2B, e-commerce and home services. Daniel prides himself on producing results for his customers and working together to help them grow their business.

Contact me at 919-789-1446 or fill out the form to get your project started.

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