Why EDDM is Not The Best Option for Direct Mail Marketing

You can’t use standard postcards for Every Door Direct Mail.

The Post Office tries to push Every Door Direct Mail Marketing for small, local businesses.

It’s not that good of an option.

The advantage of EDDM for a novice is that you don’t need to buy a bulk mail permit or address the pieces. These advantages are minor and totally irrelevant to how profitable the campaign can be for your business.

But you can waste a lot of money with EDDM. Why?

  • The piece has to be nonstandard in size. It has to go at a flat rate, which is higher than saturation mail.
  • You have no control over the list. Maybe you want to reach everyone, but maybe you want to reach homes and not apartment dwellers. Can’t separate them in EDDM.
  • The Post Office has no way to track if your mailing is actually delivered. If you don’t get any response, is it because of your piece or because it wasn’t delivered? Good luck finding the answer.

MarketPlace-Solutions.com focuses on Direct Mail Marketing. That’s our specialty. We know how to design a piece, print it and make sure it gets delivered by the Post Office for the lowest possible postage.

We have spent years and have the experience to make your campaign profitable. It’s less expensive to hire us to do your work and let you concentrate on building your business.

Give us a call at 919-848-4332 to discuss your needs.

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