Creative Use of Informed Delivery

Quality Plus Automotive gets a significant boost from mailing their postcards by using Informed Delivery.



My postal software provider, Accuzip, recently put together a campaign to win the Post Office’s Next Generation Award.

Informed Delivery is the key to bridging the digital/print gap and one of the best things the post office has done in years.

The “Scratch-Off to Win – The Sooner you Scratch the More you Save” campaign is an innovative and unprecedented multi-channel campaign that brings fun and enthusiasm back to the physical mailbox.

It contains engagement with the mail piece at all levels, using the Informed Delivery feature as an integral part of the messaging. The campaign combines innovation, technology, custom and advanced printing features, and personalization resulting in a digital and physical mail experience that utilized time and a sense of urgency to entice the mail recipient to check their mailbox.

Upon receiving their mail piece, the consumer is rewarded with a tactile “Scratch-Off” experience that cannot be replaced by the Inbox experience alone. The Scratch-Off to Win campaign resulted in the consumer having an unprecedented “Inbox to Mailbox” experience.’s goal is to make money for our clients. The proof is that we succeed is that we have been in business for over 30 years. Using Informed Delivery is a tool that we are using with our retail clients to make their direct mail marketing campaigns even more effective!

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