Design for Direct Mail

There are many regulations you need to follow to have your postcard accepted by the Post Office.

Just because you have a word processing program doesn’t make you a poet.

Same thing with a design program. Having good graphic design is more than knowing how to use the software.

And just because you can design a postcard, doesn’t mean you can mail it.

Graphic design for direct mail requires understanding a number of criteria:

  • Selecting graphics to catch a person’s attention when they go to the mail box
  • Designing the postcard so it meets all post office requirements for size, ratio, space for address and bulk mail stamp
  • Printing the piece so that the paper is the correct weight and that graphics come out sharp

Not everything that can be designed can be printed. Not everything that can be printed can be mailed.

And if you don’t have an offer or message, you may as well burn your money in a parking lot.

Most printers are ignorant of mailing requirements. I have seen many postcards printed that couldn’t be mailed.

And printers do not have a marketing background that can help you.

I have stayed in business for over 30 years because I make money for my clients. I know how to design postcards, write copy and get the postcard mailed at the lowest possible postage.

I have heard so many people they tried direct mail marketing and it wasn’t effective. I take one look at the piece and I can understand why there was no response.

Call me at 919-848-4332 to get your campaign started. No obligation to talk.

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