Informed Delivery Campaigns Delivers Results

Informed Delivery from the Post Office offers customers to know what is coming what will be in their mailbox that day.

It’s a daily email sent out to subscribers with scans of the mail.

Informed Delivery is the way to connect the physical mailing with a immediacy of digital. It’s a powerful new tool.

As a mail provider, I have the tools to make that image stand out with a color image at the top email. With the ride along piece, a subscriber can click on the image and go to a landing page.

I can track when the mail piece is delivered see how many people opened the email and then how many clicked thru to the landing page.

My campaigns have shown about 12% of the target audience is signed up for this free service — and that number is growing. About 2/3 of the people who receive the email open it and a number that click thru make it a better value than pay per click.

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