Mail Moment When Your Prospect Goes to the Mailbox

“The Mail Moment”

From sorting and organizing to allocating and reading, the Mail Moment defines the daily ritual that consumers devote to bringing in their mail and discovering what it offers.

Mail connects in ways other media can’t touch. Our direct mail marketing experience helps you stand out when your prospect opens the mailbox.

With Informed Delivery, direct mail can touch a prospect several times.

If a campaign is set up properly, a  prospect will see a color image of the postcard in his email with an opportunity to click directly to a landing page before the mail even hit the mailbox!

Informed delivery is the connection between the physical mail moment and the digital world. It’s possibly see the biggest single new development that I have seen the Post Office deliver in my 30+ plus years in direct mail marketing.

I am one of the few mail service providers in North Carolina who is offering this exciting service to our clients.  Call us at 919-848-4332 for more information.

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