Tips for Effective Direct Mail Marketing


The pros make it look easy. It’s no different from athletics or direct mail.

If you have never done a direct mail marketing campaign, how are you supposed to execute your strategy effectively?

Enjoy this video from Accuzip, my software provider.

If you are looking at doing a direct mail campaign featuring full-color postcards, I guarantee you it will be less expensive to call me at 919-848-4332 than to do it yourself.

Why? I know what targeted mailing lists that are available, I know graphics & offers that work, and no one beats my printing prices.

I tell prospects there is a reason for the expression “Go Postal” and that’s my job security. From processing mailing lists to get the lowest postage to setting up your campaign for Informed Delivery, I have an understanding of postage regulations that will prevent you from making costly mailing mistakes.

I have over 30 years of doing direct mail campaigns. I have stayed in business because I make money for my clients. Contact me at

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