Bulk Mail Requires Expertise & Equipment
To Get Low Postage Rates

Our mail services pay for themselves in lower postage and labor costs! If you have ever tried to prepare a bulk mailing, you know why there is an expression “going postal.” We eliminate the headache of dealing with the Post Office. The expression "Go Postal" is there for a reason -- and it's our job security!

We make sure that you spend as little money as possible on postage. That means knowing how to address the mail with a barcode. The barcode is the key to fast delivery from the post office and it takes specialized software and hardware to produce this.

It takes sophisticated software to process a list for mailing. It's not just about the ZIP codes, but how many are going to a ZIP code. Postage discounts depend on what post office you are bringing to.

Most post offices are not equipped to handle bulk mailing. In the Research Triangle of North Carolina, it is cheaper to send a postcard from Raleigh to Durham or Cary or Chapel Hill  than it is to send a postcard from Durham to Durham, Cary to Cary or Chapel Hill to Chapel Hill.

Want to know the reason? It's because the Raleigh Post Office is an SCF that handles all ZIP codes that start with 275, 276 or 277. What is an SCF? Another post office acronym that make no sense. 

Addressing requires specialized equipment

Processing a mailing list is only the beginning. Now you have to apply it to the postcard without even a small drop of ink smearing the barcode. It has to be put on straight -- labels just don't work. 

We have a specialized printer that is designed just to apply the address so your mailings will have a professional look when the reach your prospects. 

Quick turnaround for mailing postcards

We get your direct mail postcards into the postal system within 24 hours of receiving them from the printer. We are able to address over 100,000 postcards a day.

No need to spend over  $400 for a postal permit. We offer our bulk mail permit free of charge. If your organization has nonprofit status from the post office, you can also use our permit and get the low non profit postage rates.

Bottom line, contact us at 919-848-4332 or info@marketplace-solutions.com to get your mailing done ON TIME and ON BUDGET!